Books into Movies: Yay or Nay?

As I grew older and movie adaptations became more than just the latest Harry Potter film, I became quite jaded and indifferent towards book-to-movie adaptations.

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Classic Hollywood Film Recommendations

My love affair with the black-and-white films of Hollywood’s Golden Age began when I was an unsuspecting little child. I made one of my weekly visits to the local library, and after picking out several books, I stared up at the tall, formidable shelves of VHS tapes (clearly this was way before the initiation of DVDs). Something attracted me to a low, forgotten shelf where several Shirley Temple movies resided. I selected one of them at random, and the rest was history.

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Gone Too Soon

Today, I have been thinking about the incredible Robin Williams, as so many others around the world are also doing. Unlike other celebrity deaths, Robin’s passing has really shaken me and I still haven’t quite processed that he’s gone. In the past day, I have seen nothing but love for him come from his fans and personal acquaintances. I think this speaks enormously of his personality and how deep his influence in the world was.

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My Fictional Bucket List

This is a fun little challenge I’ve seen so many book bloggers and vloggers do over the past year or so. The concept is to make a bucket list – a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” – but the items listed take place in a fictional world that originates from your books. I started keeping a fictional bucket list way before I started a blog, but now I have a platform to share my top five things on this list! Here we go!

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What’s New

I’ve still been trying to figure out what kind of features to include on this blog and how I should maintain a regular posting schedule. Hopefully all of this will be resolved before school starts up again.

But for now, I thought it’d be nice to update you with what I’ve been reading and watching lately! Summer is a great time to explore different literary genres or start a new show on Netflix, and I’ve definitely been getting into new kinds of entertainment this year.

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